I guess I am a socialist.

NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre’s unhinged comments at the annual CPAC convention offers a startling look into an organization whose soul mission is the sale firearms.

According to the NRA CEO anyone who advocates for commonsense gun control laws is a socialist; one small step removed from Karl Marx.  In Wayne La Pierre’s view, if you believe in comprehensive background checks for all gun purchases, increasing the age to buy any firearm to 21, eliminating the sale of military assault style weapons and preventing the sale and ownership of firearms to individuals with mental health issues, then you are a “European style socialist” hell bent on stealing our liberties and destroying our democracy.  Because in Wayne’s world, once you take away an individuals right to bear arms you strip that person of all the other personal liberties that we hold dear.

I imagine that the Brits, French, Germans, Italians, Japanese, Australians and a host of other industrialized democracies would be fascinated to hear LaPierre’s view.  Apparently the citizens of these prosperous countries have been denied their freedom of speech, press, religion, petition, due process and protection from unlawful search and seizure because they have democratically agreed to forfeit their right to bear arms.

When LaPierre wasn’t shaming Americans for wanting common sense gun control measures he was spewing conspiracy theories that the federal government is out to take away our liberties.  Chief among the offending parties, the “corrupt” FBI, the “secretive” intelligence community and select members of congress.  LaPierre seems to have forgotten that the NRA owns congress and the heads of the FBI and intelligence communities were appointed by Donald Trump; the NRA’s $31 million dollar candidate of choice.

Wayne La Pierre is scared.  He is scared that in the aftermath of the Parkland shooting the American people are seeing through his fearmongering conspiracy theories.  He is scared because the American people are starting to realize that the only real difference between the daily slaughter occurring on American streets and the relative safety enjoyed by the “European Socialists” is the proliferation of guns here in the states.  The realization that mental illness is a worldwide problem but only in America, due to the proliferation of firearms, does it result in the slaughter of innocents.

And so Wayne LaPierre is lashing out, condemning American “European style socialists” and proffering fearmongering conspiracy theories; all for the benefit its client, the gun manufacturing industry.

LaPierre will continue to rail against the shifting tides but there is a gun control storm brewing on the horizon.  Millennials led by the young survivors of the Parkland shooting are rising up.  They are calling “BS” to Wayne’s conspiracy theories.  They are passionate and thoughtful and well spoken.  And in 2020 they will be old enough to vote.

Beware Wayne LaPierre, your chokehold on America’s way of life is nearing an end.  The “European style socialists” are coming for you and the lawmakers you hold in your pocket.

Count me among the “European style socialists”.