I watched NBC’s telecast of the Commander-in-Chief Forum and came away terribly disappointed.

Simply put I thought that both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump were really bad.

Hillary’s issues were more stylistic than substantive.  I found her to be overly combative and defensive.  No doubt she was primed to take on questions about her emails. I would have thought by now, after months of being beaten to death on the subject, she would have been more composed. No wonder she hasn’t held a press conference in almost 300 days.

The subject itself is valid.  It goes to her ability to properly handle the myriad of sensitive subjects and documents that she will have to deal with as president. It’s a question of judgement. It’s too bad moderator Matt Lauer spent roughly a third of Mrs. Clinton’s allotted time rehashing her emails.  

Clinton is clearly the more qualified of the two candidates.  She will need to do a better job of presenting those qualifications during the debates.

Donald Trump was a joke.  He clearly has no substantive knowledge of anything pertaining to the roll of Commander-in-Chief.  Even worse he shows no inclination to learn.  His answers were vague and nonsensical.

He said that he knew more about ISIS than the generals.  Then he said that during his first hour in office he would ask the generals to give him a plan to defeat ISIS. If you know more than the generals then why ask them for a plan?  Then he said the generals advising him would be new generals ostensibly because he will have fired the current generals.  Then he said he had a plan but didn’t want to go into specifics for fear of tipping his hand to ISIS.

When Trump wasn’t being vague and nonsensical he was basically lying.  PolitiFact labeled 173 of Trump’s statements during the Forum as “mostly false.” Tough to do in 25 minutes.

Trump has been campaigning for the highest office in the land for the better part of a year and a half and yet it seems he is no more knowledgeable today than he was 18 months ago.

In addition to my disappointment with the individual candidates I was disappointed that we did not get into a substantive discussion about the most serious issues facing the next commander-in-chief.  “What is your plan to either remove Assad from power or work with him to stop the violence?”  “How do you plan to defeat ISIS if you are not willing to send in US troops?”  What is your plan to stop the refugee crisis in Syria?”  “Now that we are adding more troops in Iraq where that leading in the next 2-3 years?”

Color me disappointed.  

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