Efforts by Trump’s advisors to manage the president’s moods are putting the country’s national security at risk.

According to the Washington Post, intelligence officials delivering the president’s daily security briefing (PDB) no longer discuss Russian interference in our affairs for fear of upsetting the president’s mood.  Information concerning Russian intelligence efforts to undermine our democracy are included in the written security report delivered to the president each morning.  But Russian interference is never brought up verbally because any attempt to broach the subject angers the president and throws him wildly off track.  The subject is never mentioned in order to keep the president focused on the other important matters of the day.

There have been many credible reports showing that Russian interference in our democracy did not end with the 2016 general election.  There is credible evidence of Russian interference in subsequent statewide elections including the most recent senatorial contest in Alabama.  Yet, according to the testimony of Attorney General Jeff Sessions, the Trump administration has taken zero steps to address the problem and end the threat.  In fact the economic sanctions imposed against Russia by former President Obama and ratified in a 98-2 bi-partisan vote in the senate, as retribution against Russia for meddling in our general election have yet to be imposed by the Trump administration.

Russia continues to interfere in our democracy.  The president does nothing about it.  Advisors avoid the subject for fear of offending the president’ sensibilities.

Are you kidding me?

Senator Bob Corker famously referred to the Trump White House as an “adult day care center.”  A place where aides scurry around trying to manage a petulant president’s erratic mood swings.

This president is unfit to serve.  It is abundantly clear that he does not have the mental acuity nor the emotional stability necessary to handle the duties of the office.  He is putting our national security at risk because he cannot deal with the fact that the Russian government helped him get elected.

This is what “high crimes and misdemeanors” looks like.

The president may not be insane but continuing along this dangerous path most certainly is.


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