Count me among those who believe that Democrats should use every measure to fight Trump’s Supreme Court nominee.

Judge Neil Gorsuch nomination for the Supreme Court is a slap in the face to President Obama, Merrick Garland, the Constitution and the American people.  It is the result of an unprecedented unconstitutional political power grab that should not go unchallenged.

President Obama fulfilled his constitutional duty to place in nomination for the vacant Supreme Court seat an extremely qualified candidate of unquestionable character and integrity.  Mitch McConnell, for purely partisan political reasons refused Garland the dignity of a hearing.  Most of McConnell’s Republican colleagues wouldn’t even grant Garland the courtesy of a brief office visit.

McConnell’s reasoning for such abhorrent tactics…that the country was in the middle of a contentious election…that the president was a lame duck in the final year of his second term…that the newly elected president should be the one to fill the vacant seat…that the American people to make that decision with their vote…are without merit. 

Show me where in the Constitution it says that a sitting president’s nominee should be denied even the courtesy of a hearing because the president is in the final year of his second term.  Good luck.  Absent any statement to that fact in the constitution McConnell’s actions were in direct violation of the founder’s intentions. 

The vacant seat should have been Garland’s; the appointment Obama’s.

Perhaps the politics of retribution offends many of the faint hearted on the left.  Democrats have always been about getting along.  Barak Obama tried that for seven years and look where that got him. 

Democrats have been playing by the Republican playbook for the better part of two decades.  Republicans now control the White House, both houses of congress, a majority of the governorships and most of the state legislatures. They have used obstructionist tactics to block progressive policies and they have been rewarded handsomely for their efforts.  And on January 20th they began the systematic demolition of everything the Obama administration stood for.

Democrats have a choice…they can stand up for what they believe in or continue to serve as the Republican’s lap dog.  If Party leaders choose the latter then progressives would be right to question any reason to go to the polls.

Democrats need to stand up and fight for their beliefs with every fiber of their being.  I would submit that given what we have seen thus far from the Trump White House…if not now…when.

The Democratic base is clearly energized.  Those who participated in what turned out to be the largest protest march in American history were not only speaking to Donald Trump.  They were speaking to Democratic lawmakers as well. 

That march was not just a one off event.  They were back in the streets after Trump’s executive order.  They are flooding their congressmen’s emails and phone lines.  They are camped out on their representative’s door steps.  They are angry and fearful and they want the madness to stop.    

The most important duty of the President of the United States is that of Commander-in-Chief; keeping the country safe.  Number 2 is placing qualified jurists in nomination for the country’s highest court.  For the decisions made by these appointments will alter the course of American history forever. 

Barak Obama and Merrick Garland were deprived of their place in history by a partisan power grab orchestrated by a political hack.  The question now becomes what if anything do Democrats intend to do about it.

If Democrats won’t stand up to fight for a seat on the Supreme Court…

…then what message does that send to those people in the streets.

Republicans will probably get Gorsuch appointed.  They have the numbers.

That’s not the point.  The point is that if Democrats want to remain relevant in the political discussion they have to stand up for what they believe in.  Democrats have to let elected officials know that they are engaged.  They have to make elected officials on both sides of the aisle understand that come election time their actions will have consequences.

We are talking about a seat on the Supreme Court.  Call if politics by retribution if you will.

If not now…when?   





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