As I watch the parade of billionaires and generals ascend Trump Tower to pay homage to the king; I can’t help wonder aloud how this is all going to work.


Trump’s pick for VP, Indiana Governor Mike Pence is best know for passing laws that infringe on the civil rights of those who do not share his Christian beliefs.  Now we are to expect that as second in command Pence will work hard to represent the rights of all Americans…even those who do not share his religious beliefs.

Trump’s pick for Secretary of State is Exxon Mobile CEO, Rex Tillerson.  As head of one of the world’s largest companies Tillerson negotiated billions in lucrative oil deals with countries all across the globe.  Many of his partners in these deals are despots and dictators whose interests stand in stark opposition to those of the US. 

The folks in the Trump Tower say Tillerson was merely doing his job in looking out for the best interests of his shareholders.  I get it.  Now we are to believe that as the nation’s chief diplomat Tillerson will be a tough negotiator in representing American interests when he finds himself at odds with many of his former business partners.

Trump’s pick for Attorney General, Jeff Sessions is a racist. I don’t make that statement casually.  The fact is Sessions racist rhetoric was a key factor in his being denied a federal judgeship once upon a time.  Now we are to believe that as the nation’s chief law enforcement officer he will aggressively and fairly protect even those Americans of color that he so routinely denigrated in the past.

Trump’s pick to head the Department of Energy is former Texas Governor, Rick Perry.  In his two unsuccessful runs for the presidency Perry campaigned on getting rid of the Energy department in its entirety.  Now we are expected to believe that Perry will act as the responsible caretaker of our nuclear arsenal and the disposal of nuclear waste.  No need for strong regulatory controls here! 

Trump picked fast food executive Andy Pudzer to be his Labor Secretary.  Pudzer is against raising the minimum wage.  He has advocated for replacing workers in the fast food industry with robots saying: “They’re always polite, they always upsell, they never take vacation, they never show up late, there is never a slip and fall or age or sex discrimination case.” Now we are expected to believe that the guy who wants to eliminate the work force is going to be looking for ways to create jobs and increase wages.

Trump’ pick for Treasury is Goldman Sachs alum Steven Mnuchin.  Mnuchin made his billions buying up companies, stripping them bare, laying off workers and selling the companies for huge profits.  Mnuchin always got his fees even if the plant closed and the workers ended up on the street.  Now we are expected to believe that Mnuchin will suddenly help craft fiscal policy that will look out for the little guy.

Trump’s pick for Defense is retire Marine General James N. Mattis.  By all accounts Mattis is a sold pick.  Unfortunaly his words of wisdom will be filtered through the frightening mind of his boss, Trumps National Security Advisor, retired Army Lt. General Michael Flynn.  Flynn is a hot head who has been known to delve heavily into conspiracy theories.  His most recent hike into the world of fantasy was a belief that Hillary Clinton and her advisor John Podesta were running a child sex/slavery ring out of a local pizza parlor.  Now we are expected to believe that in times of crises Flynn is going to be the clear headed guy giving sage advice to our very inexperienced president.

I could go on but the more I write the more confusing things seem to be.

I just don’t understand how this is all going to work. 

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