Once upon a time the United States of America was viewed as “a shining city upon a hill.”  A nation revered throughout the world as a bastion for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  A bountiful nation whose greatness was built on the backs of welcomed immigrants looking for a better life.

Today, the world community has a different view of that shining city on a hill.

A nation that once welcomed immigrants with open arms now bans them at the gates; a religious test now a key component to gaining entry.

A nation founded on the belief that every individual should have a say in the direction of the country now goes to extraordinary lengths to make it harder for certain citizens to exercise that right.

A nation that once preached equality and adherence to the rule of law now bases the penance for one’s crimes on the prestige of their station and the size of their bank account.

Once upon a time it was customary for those who served to put the best interests of the country ahead of their own personal enrichment.  Now service to country is no longer a temporary commitment to exercise ones patriotic duty but rather a long term quest for power and wealth.

Once upon a time compromise in governance was considered routine order.  Today compromise in governance is considered political heresy.

Once upon a time our nation supported our democratic allies and stood strong against the strongmen and dictators who would subjugate and oppress their people.  Today our nation insults and turns its back on our traditional allies while forging relationships with autocrats and brutal dictators.

Once upon a time the office of the president was respected throughout the world; held by individuals thought to posses, in terms of intellect and character, the best America had to offer.  The president’s word was the nation’s bond.  Today the office of the president is increasingly dismissed by world leaders who can no longer trust the veracity of the his word.

The American people once trusted the government to keep them safe and to look out for their best interests.  Today most Americans have lost faith in their government.  They watched their jobs go overseas and their homes go in to foreclosure while the wealthiest among them grew even richer.  They watched as greed and graft were rewarded while hard work, loyalty and strength of character brought only hardship.

The American dream died.  The American people got pissed.  So pissed that they turned the keys to the most powerful office in the world to a narcissistic sexual predator; a sociopath and compulsive liar devoid of any semblance of moral integrity.

It’s hard to preach to foreign lands about fairness in government, adherence to the rule of law, equality  and civil rights when you don’t practice these tenants here at home.

Once upon a time the United States of America was viewed as “a shining city upon a hill.”

Today America has become a laughingstock.

We have only ourselves to blame.

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