The most important role of any sitting president is that of Commander-in-Chief.

One need only look back to recent history to understand the validity of that claim.

President George W. Bush’s ill-advised decision to invade Iraq ignited a conflagration in the Middle East that threatens our national security to this day.  The unintended consequences of that decision continue to negatively impact people around the world.

In roughly nine weeks you the voter will get to decide who will serve as our next Commander-in-Chief. 

Hillary Clinton’s record makes her one of the more hawkish presidential candidates in recent times.  As a US senator she voted for the war in Iraq and as Secretary of Stare she was one of the chief proponents in persuading President Obama to remove Gadhafi from power in Libya.

Donald Trump has stated publically that he has no problem with other nations developing a nuclear arsenal.  He has declared that under his administration the nuclear option would be on the table in any military conflict.

Tonight you will have an opportunity to gain real insight into how these two candidates would handle the responsibilities that go with serving as our military leader.

Tonight NBCNEWS and MSNBC will HOST “The COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF FORUM.”  Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will appear back-to-back to take questions from a live audience of military veterans…the people who have first-hand knowledge of the horror and repercussions of a military conflict.

The broadcast will air this evening at 8:00PM EST on your local NBC and MSNBC stations.

I encourage you to tune in.         

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