Confronted by a detailed federal grand jury indictment proving the Russians did in fact interfere with the 2016 election, the president does nothing.

Confronted by a detailed federal indictment which exposes the president’s fallacious 18 month long public denial of Russian interference; the White House Press Secretary falsely claims that the president has always acknowledged Russia’s involvement.  As proof of the president’s tough stance against Russia she erroneously cites the implementation of sanctions against Russian individuals and the seizure of Russian properties; all of which were in fact implemented by the Obama administration.

Having been exposed by the indictment for their raucous sycophantic support of the president’s fraudulent claims about Russian interference, Republicans in congress are suddenly mute.

Armed with the details of the Parkland shooting the president tweets that if the FBI might have been able to prevent the tragedy had they spent less time trying to tie the Trump campaign with  false rumors of Russian interference.

Fresh off the embarrassment of having been exposed for their fraudulent reporting on the Russian investigation, the White House communication arm at Fox News follows the president’s lead, ignores the indictment and focuses their attention on blaming the FBI for the Parkland shooting.

Scrambling to find moral footing over the deaths of 17 innocents at the hands of a disturbed individual carrying an assault weapon; gun lobbyists blame the victims for not calling out the assailant within their midst.

For the past two years the intelligence community has informed the White House and the country that the Russians interfered in our 2016 elections and will do the same in the 2018 mid-terms.  The Mueller investigation has offered detail evidence proving the intelligence community’s warnings in a 37 page federal indictment naming 18 Russian operatives and 3 Russian business concerns a participants in a criminal conspiracy to interfere in our electoral process.

As of this writing the president has failed to condemn the Russian government for their criminal activities.

As of this writing the National Security Council has yet to meet to consider methods to prevent similar criminal interference from occurring in the future.