Republicans can’t govern.  After eight months in control of both the legislative and executive branches of the government the GOP has yet to pass a major piece of legislation.

Yesterday Republicans failed on a third attempt to fulfill their signature campaign promise; the repeal and replacement of Obamacare.  The latest draconian effort thwarted by three “No” votes from within their own senate caucus.  Republican President Donald Trump blamed Republican Senator John McCain…Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan blamed the Republican  Senate… left with no one else to accuse, the RNC blamed the Democrats.  The Dems mortal sin…their refusal to participate in killing their own signature piece of legislation.

Meanwhile Republican President Trump has the nation on the brink of a nuclear war with North Korea.  This dire predicament brought on in no small measure by our reckless president’s eagerness to trade sophomoric insults with the equally unhinged North Korean leader.  Trump threatened to obliterate North Korea from the face of the earth if the regime continued to advance its nuclear development.  The North Korean foreign minister announced that they take Trump’s bombastic threat as a serious declaration of war; promising to shoot down any American military aircraft that strays close to NK airspace.  It won’t take much to turn Trump’s ill-conceived war of words into a nuclear conflagration.

NFL players took a knee during the playing of the pre-game National Anthem to protest what they perceived as the Justice Department’s race based implementation of laws against African Americans.  Specifically the violent treatment of black individuals by local law enforcement officers.  Oblivious to the tenants of the First Amendment, Republican President Trump called on NFL owners to “…fire the son of a bitch.”  Players and owners alike responded en masse by locking arms and taking a knee during Sunday’s games.  The president continues to lash out at the players for disrespecting the American flag.  Mr.. President, it’s not the flag they are protesting…it’s you.

The Iranian news network aired a video of the launch of a Iranian ballistic missile.  This morning the president took to Twitter to blast he Iranian government for test firing the missile and accused the regime of failing to comply with the controversial nuclear agreement.  Trump also accused Iran of working with North Korea.  Problem!  The US intelligence community says the missile launch didn’t happen.  Fake news.

While the Republican controlled federal government was chasing its tail down the rabbit hole Hurricane Mira was destroying Puerto Rico.  Six days have passed since the storm hit and the Trump administration has yet to respond.  3.5 million Americans are still without food, water or power.

It is true that the Republican congress has passed a host of regulations into law that roll back many of Obama’s initiatives.  If you are into polluted streams, foul air, predatory lending, high stakes banking practices and corporate greed then you no doubt applaud their efforts.  But if you elected Republicans to enact health care reform, revise the tax code, rebuild our infrastructure increase wages and rebuild the middle class then you have every right to be sorely disappointed.

Over the eight years of the Obama administration, Republicans proved that they are the masters of obstruction.

Obstruction is easy.  Governing is a bitch.


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