Four senators walk into a room.  Two senators say the president used an expletive to describe underdeveloped nations occupied primarily by people of color.  Two say he did not.

“Sh–hole” versus “Sh–house.”  A distinction without a difference.  What does it matter?

Lost in this ridiculous argument over semantics is the incontrovertible and egregious fact that two senators are lying to the American people for partisan political gain.  Perhaps we can find clarity in the even more disconcerting display that followed wherein the president stated his preference for white immigrants from Norway over black immigrants from Haiti and Africa.  A statement for which there is consensus on both sides.

This discussion was supposed to be a debate over a bi-partisan resolution to the morally clear but politically toxic subject of immigration reform.  What transpired was a politically motivated sh–storm in which this president’s lack of self control allowed his true inner self to emerge once more for all to see, and sycophants willingly strained the boundaries of reality to protect him from himself.

This president is a racist.  Period.  An accusation based solely on the president’s own words and actions.  A world view displayed throughout his private and political career.

We find ourselves caught up in the unhinged proclivities of this president and his lemmings.  Meanwhile the country suffers for lack of good governance.  Where is the promised infrastructure bill?  Where is the funding for the CHIP program?  What is the plan for healthcare now that the underpinnings of Obamacare have been repealed?  What happens to DACA and the Dreamers?

This president continues to eviscerate the institutions and moral tenants that form the cornerstone of our democracy.

How much longer will the people allow this to stand?



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