What would a Homer Simpson presidency look like?

As I write this the president is jetting to Missouri to promote his tax reform plan.  The president tells us that his plan will provide middle and lower income workers with a “beautiful, massive tax cut.”  He tells us that his plan will result in a huge surge of new jobs and economic growth.  According to every single economic analysis, the presidents’ statements are blatantly false.  Is the  president lying or has he no clue as to what is actually in his plan?  Either way; doesn’t that make the president guilty of intentional malfeasance or gross incompetence?

Yesterday the president was scheduled to have an important sit down with the leadership of both parties to discuss the number of important issues that must be addressed by the end of the year.  Tax reform, a funding bill to keep the government open, disaster aid for Florida, Texas, and Puerto Rico, the DREAMER program and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) all require congressional action by the end of the year.  These are all important matters for the American people.  Matters which in a perfect world would be much more easily resolved if there were bi-partisan cooperation between the parties.  Nothing says cooperation like lying about the very people with whom you are trying to find common ground.

Mere hours before the meeting was to begin the president tweeted:  “Meeting with “Chuck and Nancy” today about keeping government open and working.  Problem is they want illegal immigrants flooding into our country unchecked, are weak on crime and want to substantially RAISE taxes.  I don’t see a deal.”  Furious over the inaccuracies in the president’s tweet, “Chuck and Nancy” decided to skip the president’s photo-op meeting.  Their working theory being that the president didn’t see the possibility of a deal so why waste the time.  Not only did the president blow an opportunity to help the American people while showcasing his leadership, he heaped even more ridicule on himself by staging the photo-op anyway showcasing Chuck and Nancy’s empty chairs.  McConnell and Ryan serving as two very uncomfortable looking props.  High school sophomoric behavior at its finest.

The president was furiously busy on the twitter machine this morning.  One of his missives was a re-tweet of three videos allegedly showing Muslims beating up a Christian, destroying a statue of the Virgin Mary and tossing a person off a roof before beating him to death.  The retweet was the presidents attempt to pander to his base about the evils of foreigners, Muslims, coming into the country.  The videos have not been authenticated other than reporting that they were originally posted by a British white nationalist of questionable repute.  British Prime Minister Theresa May scolded the president for retweeting the unverified far right videos saying the president was “wrong” to have done so.  An unprecedented rebuke from a stanch ally.

The president also released a series of tweets speculating on the events surrounding the recent train bombing incident in London.  The British Prime Minister said it was “not helpful for anyone to speculate on the investigations.”  If you can’t successfully piss off a key ally at first then try, try again.

It has been reported that in recent days the president is privately questioning the legitimacy of Barak Obama’s birth certificate and suggesting that the voice on the Billy Bush tape wasn’t his.  For cryin’ out loud…let it go!

The president took NBC News and Matt Lauer to task over Lauer’s dismissal for sexual misconduct.  He’s also been all over Al Franken and John Conyers for their sexual transgressions.  This from a guy who supports an Alabama pedophile and has bragged about his efforts as a self described sexual predator.  Pay no attention to the 17 women whoa have accused the president of sexual misconduct.  Pot meet kettle.

A year has passed since Trump won the presidency and in spite of his party controlling the White House, congress and the judiciary; the Great Deal Maker has yet to pass one single piece of major legislation.  Trump once said: “If you can’t make a deal with a politician then there is something wrong with you.”

What would a Homer Simpson presidency look like?  Just like this.

Homer would be proud.

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