Things that keep me up at night.

Nearly one year into his presidency and Donald Trump has not implemented the sanctions the Obama administration imposed on Russia for meddling in the election.  Sanctions passed the senate by a 98-2 bi-partisan vote.  Is this what collusion looks like?

Quite a contrast to watch Democratic senators demand that one of their own (Franken) resign over accusations of sexual harassment while Republicans rally support for a candidate (Moore) accused of the same.

If, as Trump asserts, there is no collusion and Trump and his campaign have done nothing wrong…then why are they lying and why is Trump so obsessed with shutting Mueller down?

If, as Trump asserts, no one in his campaign has been in communication with Russians…then why have 9 members of his campaign been found to have been contact with 18 Russians with ties to the Kremlin?

Jared Kushner is a young kid with zero experience in politics, international/geopolitical affairs and governance.  Why has Trump put him in charge of EVERYTHING?

Why do reporters bother to attend the White House press briefings?

Does Sarah Huckabee Sanders actually believe what she is saying?

Is Roy Moore the only person in Alabama “qualified” to serve in the US Senate?

Do Republicans realize that Roy Moore was tossed off the Alabama State Supreme Court TWICE for failing to follow the very constitution to which their party pledges its fealty?

Do Republicans realize that Trump will be gone in six years or less and they will be left to pick up the pieces from the train wreck he left behind?



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