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Bob Mueller was hired to investigate Russian meddling in our election and possible collusion with the Russians by members of the Trump campaign and transition team.  Devin Nunes was a member of the Trump transition team.  Therefore Devin Nunes is being investigated by Robert Mueller.  Why is Devin Nunes allowed to continue to serve as chair of the House investigation into Russian meddling investigation by the FBI?  Why is Nunes allowed within 100 miles of any classified documents?

-Devin Nunes was found to have engaged in a Barney Fife like attempt to perpetrate a fraud upon the American people as respects procedures used by the intelligence community to surveil American citizens.  As a result Nunes was forced to recuse himself from the Russian investigation.  Undeterred, Nunes continued to meddle in the House investigation. Devin Nunes has now written a memo which he purports to be a summary of classified documents proving bias and corruption on the part of DOJ officials involved in the Russia investigation.  Nunes admits that he has never read the underlying classified documents on which he claims to have based his memo. Why would anyone believe Devin Nunes? Once again…why is Devin Nunes allowed within 100 miles of classified documents?

-Republicans on the House investigating committee say they want to release the Nunes memo to the public: “In the name of transparency to shed light on what is really going on in the Russian investigation.”  If Republicans are so invested in transparency why did they vote “No” to releasing the Democrat response to the Nunes memo?

-Republicans on the committee DID vote to allow the Democrat members to release their memo to House members.  What are the odds that the Democrat memo gets leaked to the press within 24 hours of hitting the House floor?

-Why is Paul Ryan allowing disgraced/recused Devin Nunes to run rampant over the constitution?

-The senate voted 98-2 to levy additional sanctions against the Russian government for its meddling in our election.  Yesterday marked the deadline by which Trump was suppose to order the sanctions implemented.  Trump did nothing.  Why isn’t this story the front page headline of every newspaper?

-Why isn’t congress alarmed that Russian bots are pushing the #releasethememo?

-What does Trump have on Devin Nunes?

-What does the Kremlin have on Paul Ryan and Devin Nunes?





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