The President of the United States is a petulant, ignorant, stupid moron surrounded by a staff that loathes him as much as they hate each other.  Their ascendancy to the most powerful office in the world the unexpected, unwanted result of a marketing plan gone horribly wrong.

These are the revelations documented in Michael Wolff’s bombshell tell all “Fire and Fury.”  A scathing look at the inner workings of the Trump White House resulting from over 200 interviews with the president and his staff,

Through the words of those actually responsible for running the country we see an astounding level of dysfunctional behavior ranging from total incompetence to treason.

Based on quotations from the president’s closest advisors we now know that in spite of the White House spin to the contrary the Mueller investigation is not a witch hunt but a very serious look into horrifying evidence of obstruction, money laundering and treason within the highest levels of government.

Naturally the media is obsessed with the more salacious excerpts from the book.  The name calling, backstabbing palace intrigue that fills airtime and inflates ratings.  (Except for Fox News which filled its airtime reporting that Motel 6 was sharing guest information with federal immigration authorities.) I’ll leave it to you check out the excerpts for yourself.  I was struck by something far more troubling.

Since the day of the inauguration Washington insiders have spoken off the record of the alarming dysfunction within this White House.   What we finally have in this book is a public outing of a president and a White House that poses a clear and present danger to the country.  A man who does not read and is incapable of understanding the complexities of world events, unfit to be President of the United States.  He is surrounded by a backstabbing staff of inexperienced incompetents more concerned with protecting their position than serving the country.  Loyalty to the office and the country superseded by a willingness of everyone from cabinet members to the president’s closest advisors to denigrate the president and each other.

Equally disconcerting…the level of incompetence on display in the White House response to this book causes one to have grave concerns about how it would respond to a serious international crisis.

There will be serious push back from the White House over the accuracy of this book.  The author’s credibility will be called into question.  The president has already issued a scathing statement against the book’s most quoted source; Steve Bannon.  Axios is reporting that Michael Wolff recorded the interviews and has the tapes to back up his assertions.  The drama continues.

I believe columnist John Podhoretz summed it up best in a tweet:

“No way to know how much of Wolff’s account is fanciful elaboration but even 20 percent being true…America what did you do?”


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