Michael Flynn has a story to tell.  So says his lawyer.

According to Flynn’s lawyer, the former National Security Advisor to President Donald Trump will gladly share his story with the FBI and the House and Senate Intelligence Committees if they will first promise him full immunity from criminal prosecution.

During the election members of Hillary Clinton’s campaign staff asked for and received immunity in return for providing law enforcement with information about Clinton’s use of a private email account and server.  In an interview with NBC’s Chuck Todd, Michael Flynn said:  “The only reason you ask for immunity is because you have probably committed a crime.”

Shortly thereafter, while addressing the Republican National Convention, Michael Flynn led the crowd in chants of “lock her up.”

There are generally two reasons that you give someone immunity from possible criminal prosecution.  One, the individual is the only person who has particular information critical to the case you are pursuing and obtaining that information is more important to law enforcement than prosecuting the source.  Or…the individual has information critical to prosecuting your case against an individual higher up the food chain.

The only person higher on the food chain than Michael Flynn is the guy residing in the Oval Office.

Michael Flynn served as Director of the Intelligence Agency under President Obama from 2012-2014 before being relieved of his duties for incompetence.  Prior to being selected as Trump’s National Security Advisor Flynn had appeared on Russia’s state run RT TV and given paid speeches at Russian sponsored events.  He has also been paid over $500,000 to serve as a lobbyist for the Turkish government.  All items that Flynn failed to disclose while being vetted for his security clearance.

Or was he?

Did the Trump folks actually vet this guy?  Or did they know that he had been working for/with foreign powers whose interests are contrary to those of the United States and simply didn’t care?

Either way…when word leaked that Flynn had been attempting to undermine the effectiveness of Obama’s sanctions against Russia by giving the Russian ambassador assurances that Trump would fix things once he got in office…the Trump folks showed Flynn the door.  It took the better part of three weeks for the Trumpers to do it but they eventually kicked Flynn to the curb.

Now Michael Flynn wants to talk.

The saga of Michael Flynn is but one of a growing list of disconcerting events swirling around this White House.  A cacophony of self-inflicted chaos intertwined with serious legal ramifications that threatens to end this administration before it really begins.  

The White House continues to swear that it has done nothing illegal.  As usual the cover up only serves to make matters worse.

Michael Flynn has a story to tell.

The wolves are at the White House door.

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